Huawei Mesh Wi-Fi Q2 Pro – 1 + 2

Huawei Mesh Wi-Fi Q2 Pro – 1 + 2 nu online kopen bij

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Huawei Mesh Wi-Fi Q2 Pro – 1 + 2 nu ook online verkrijgbaar op de webshop.

Ontdek vandaag nog het allergrootste online aanbod elektrotoestellen en accessoires op, niet zomaar een shop voor de online aankoop van je elektronische apparatuur, maar de website die voor jou het beste aanbod van wat het internet te bieden heeft voor wie een fervent online shopper is.

Huawei Mesh Wi-Fi Q2 Pro – 1 + 2

Weak Signal and Slow Connectivity? Your Wi-Fi signal can sometimes be weak and slow with the walls and floors inside your home and to get a better Wi-Fi experience, you will need more than an individual router to cover the full proximity. Where There is a Socket, There is Wi-Fi Supported by HUAWEI’s Gigabit Power Cat chip and PLC Turbo innovation technology, the HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro networking performance has increased obviously, to expand 200 Mbps broadband effectively. At the same time, the HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro can support 1 Base with 15 Satellites, allowing you to enjoy the high-speed Wi-Fi everywhere. Hybrid Networking, Faster Than Ever HUAWEI’s 5 GHz Mesh Wi-Fi and Gigabit power line communication technology with the HUAWEI chip supporting PLC Turbo, are applied between the routers for a theoretical download rate up to 1867 Mbps with hybrid networking. HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro effectively ensures a high-speed home network. Just Plug in and Begin Enjoying the Wi-Fi. Once the Satellite is plugged in, it will synchronize the Wi-Fi name and password from the Base, don’t need any configuration. Real Dual-Band, More Intelligent Supporting band steering and seamless roaming innovative technology, HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro can automatically switch between better Wi-Fi bands and hotspots with just once connection. Self-Learning Network, Improving All the Time HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro learns and adapts to the changing Wi-Fi environment every day and automatically optimizes the Wi-Fi channel in real-time to avoid interference, and can actively remember your online surfing habits. Your router will learn to understand and support you for more efficiency in daily tasks. Wired Compatibility For Even More Extreme Speeds Have Ethernet installed in your house or in a single room? Connect your Q2 unit with an Ethernet cable for even faster speeds and better coverage. HUAWEI AI Life APP Managing Wi-Fi has never been easier. With the HUAWEI AI Life APP, you can see what happens, set speed limits, allow guest connections, set Wi-Fi timing, pause connectivity on your kids' devices, and more.

Huawei Mesh Wi-Fi Q2 Pro – 1 + 2 online kopen bij

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